At Lincoln Laser Skincare, we offer a wide range of advanced and highly effective medical and aesthetic skin treatments. We are proud to use the state-of-the-art laser equipment along with cosmeceutical products to make a visible difference to your skin. There is a solution to every skin problem!

About Us

Our clinic opened in 2007 to help people look and feel better by providing high quality, medical skin treatments. Over the years we’ve carried out over 20,000 successful treatments and built a reputation based on the extraordinary service and care we provide.

Skin Consultation

Every new patient is required to have an in-depth skin consultation to help identify your individual skin concerns, and formulate a personalised treatment plan to assist in transforming your skin. The appointment lasts about 45 minutes for all skin concerns (30min for tattoo removal) and can be arranged over the phone within minutes.


Due to  6 months of road works on Newland street starting this week, in Lincoln city centre, we are expecting the traffic flow to be severely affected. We politely request all patients visiting the clinic, to please allow extra travel time prior to your appointment to minimise appointment disruption.

Thank you all in advance.

Lincoln Laser Skincare


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Lincoln Laser Skincare (LLS) was opened in  March 2007 as the only medical aesthetic laser clinic serving the whole of Lincolnshire and beyond. Our aim is to give people access to the best medical technology to transform even the most challenging skin!

With over 20,000 successful treatments over the last 15 years, we have helped thousand of people look and feel better in their skin, ultimately improving their confidence and quality of life.

We believe that with years of experience and cutting-edge laser technology, there is a solution to every skin problem!

We have served patients aged 18- 85 with all skin types and wide range of ethnic background coming to us from the whole of Lincolnshire and beyond. We even have quite a number of patients who live overseas and still come back to us every year.

What makes out treatments different?

•  High quality medical lasers with proven clinical evidence and research behind them

• Every treatment is bespoke and tailored to individual skin concerns and needs

• Carried out by expert medical professionals with high level of training and expertise. We have seen it all and we know we can do it all!

• Provided in a friendly, approachable and caring clinical environment

No other technology can transform your skin like a premium quality laser treatment. Investment in your skin and let us help you on your journey.

- What Our Customers Think -

  • “I’m transgendered and have tried for several years to get rid of my facial hair, including countless sessions of various other types of treatments, but none were particularly successful, only removing minimal patches. I had one appointment at LLS and other than 1 or 2 hairs here and there, my facial hair is completely gone. My last appointment was four weeks ago, the last time I have to shave (other than the aforementioned tiny patches) was three weeks ago. If you’re after removing hair then I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
    Kate J.– Laser Hair Removal
  • ‘I had contemplated with the idea of having my tattoo removed for years but had never found a clinic I trusted enough to carry out the procedure. So pleased I came across LLS, they are medical professionals that know exactly what they are doing, they are client centred and 100% professional. I have had amazing results on a very stubborn tattoo’
    Tracy J. – Tattoo Removal
  • I recently visited the clinic for tattoo removal and it was the friendliest, most professional place. I was in for a consultation but with my skin test being fine I was able to start my first session which wasn’t as scary as I thought! I didn’t feel pressured or uncomfortable to go ahead with treatment, if anything at ease. 100% recommend, brilliant service!
    Suzanne D. – Tattoo Removal
  • I have thought about having my facial thread veins treated and removed for a long time. Thanks to LLS all gone! The most caring clinic, and I would whole heatedly recommend them to my friends and colleagues! (And i have!) Thank you for what you have done to restore a little bit of confidence back into my life!
    Michelle W. – Facial Thread Veins Removal
  • When I went to Lincoln Laser Skincare for treatment of my rosacea it was as a last resort, my having been treated for many months with creams and antibiotics via my G.P. and a consultant dermatologist with no improvement. I was, quite frankly, sceptical that N-light treatment would be any more effective than the quack remedies peddled by Victorian charlatans. However Julian was completely frank and open, making no promises, but explaining what he hoped to achieve. Here I am a year later getting used to friends and acquaintances remarking on the vast improvement Lincoln Laser Skincare’s treatments and professionalism have produced
    Christopher R. – Rosacea Treatment
  • Fantastic place, had laser hair removal 6 years ago, and 6 years on, there is still no hair to be seen. I can’t highly recommend this place enough. Will be returning again.
    Safa A. – Laser Hair Removal
  • An absolutely fantastic clinic for your skincare needs. Having suffered severe acne for 3 years and acne in general for 6, it takes it’s toll on you, with scarring your face and leaving post inflammatory marks/blemishes. I contacted the clinic and after a detailed conversation, accompanied by top friendly service, I was booking my consultation immediately. Consultation was fantastic. Everything was very well explained and done so very clearly, and in such a relaxed manor. My needs were met with the correct treatment, plenty of leaflets of several choices to make all depending on budget. The variation is one of the strengths LLS has to offer.
    Mr West – Acne Treatment